2023 China Anping International wire mesh fair Inauguration


On October 22nd, 2023 China·Anping International Wire Mesh Fair opened at the Anping International Exhibition Center in Hengshui City, Hebei Province. The three-day event features 600 exhibitors showcasing six categories of wire mesh products and machinery. Over 138 international guests from Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and more than 50,000 domestic guests are attending the fair to discuss cooperation and place orders. On the first day of the opening, 12 domestic and international cooperation projects worth more than 7 billion yuan were signed, including emergency equipment and high-end intelligent fencing from Australian Aishimi Company, new materials industrial park from Antai Environmental Engineering Technology Company, and Science and Technology Enterprise Incubation Park from Guanghua Science and Technology Innovation Company.




This year’s fair further expanded international cooperation and exchange through events such as the “Belt and Road” International Direct Procurement Conference, the unveiling ceremony of the Anping Wire Mesh Global Procurement Base, and the launch of the Cross-Border E-commerce Industrial Park. The rich range of exhibits and formats were well received by businessmen from various countries. Dine, a businessmen from Niger, and his partners from Burkina Faso and other West African countries participated in the fair for the first time. He said that they have been trading in wire mesh products with China before, and these products have been widely used in various fields in West African countries. This time, they are preparing to purchase comprehensively, and will long-term cooperate with Anping wire mesh enterprises to continuously supply the West African market. Mana, the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Yemen, said: “ I, like many other foreigners, am very willing to participate in this type of centralized fair. Here, I can compare prices from many suppliers and choose the best quality products. This time, I mainly came to purchase various types of wire mesh products and local produced pumps.” Marina Anatolyevna Tutunova, the Minister of Development and Communication of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce, said: “Our chamber of commerce has many friends who are wire mesh entrepreneurs, who have brought us high-quality wire mesh products and established deep friendships. Recently, our chamber of commerce has cooperated with Anping Jiade Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. on the high-end ice hockey stick project, and the progress is going well.” Andrei Usanov from Russia reached an agreement with Hebei Hengying Metal Products Co., Ltd. on the purchase of 1 million yuan worth of filter mesh products on site. Foreign customers not only came to purchase and order, but even companies like Japan’s NS Mesh Co., Ltd. applied for exhibition space in advance to sell their products.


In the domestic product exhibitors, the number of wire mesh enterprises from outside Hengshui City accounts for more than 56%, and the number of wire mesh machinery enterprises accounts for more than 80%. This time, the wire mesh products are full of technology, representing the development trend of the digitalization of the wire mesh industry. “Our company has upgraded and innovated digital solutions in decision-making, equipment, software, and finance to promote the upgrading of the industrial internet and provide great convenience for the Anping wire mesh industry,” said Liu Shijie, deputy general manager of HBIS Digital Technology Co., Ltd., an exhibitor. Local product exhibitors have seized the opportunity to show high-end products, which have attracted many buyers to negotiate and order. The booth of Anping Tianze Metal Products Company has received several new and old customers and is busy negotiating. Indian merchant Navin negotiated with Tianze Company at the Anping International Wire Mesh Fair in 2019 and again enthusiastically negotiated stainless steel wire business at the booth.



This fair is not only a supply and demand platform but also a platform for science and technology exchange. Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Engineering Design Institute of Hebei University of Science and Technology and related enterprises have promoted industry new products, new equipment, new materials and new processes here. During the period, activities such as the “Science and Technology Achievements Express” and the promulgation meeting for the National Standard “Metal Wire Braided Dense Weave Screen” were held.


Anping wire mesh has gone through more than 500 years of inheritance and innovation, and has achieved a metamorphosis from traditional handicraft industry to modern industrial clusters, driving the construction of wire mesh gathering areas in surrounding counties and cities, and radiating to all parts of the country and even the world. There are more than 13,000 wire mesh enterprises and 12,000 marketing outlets nationwide, covering administrative regions at or above the county level. In 2022, the revenue of the wire mesh industry reached 88.3 billion yuan. It has actively built 24 overseas warehouses, introduced cross-border e-commerce industrial parks, and promoted deep integration into the “Belt and Road Initiative”. In the first seven months of this year, the import and export volume reached 2.88 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2%. The Anping International Wire Mesh Fair has been successfully held for 22 consecutive years, greatly promoting trade and quality improvement in the wire mesh industry.


“Wire mesh is a leading industry identified by the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and it is also the leading industry of Hengshui City. The governments of Hengshui City and Anping County have all formulated five-year development plans for the wire mesh industry and are fully supporting them. In the future, we will deeply carry out projects such as extending the chain and supplementing the chain, accelerate the digitalization of the wire mesh industry, constantly stimulate the internal driving force, and aim to develop into a 100 billion-level characteristic industrial cluster.” said Dong Xiaohang, Mayor of Hengshui City.

Source: DailyEconomic