Bull Group reaches cooperation with Feishu

Bull Group and Feishu signed a cooperation agreement. Feishu will help Bull Group build an integrated application platform that meets the company’s business and management collaboration needs, provide a unified office portal, integrate conference platforms, document collaboration and other functions, and help Bull Group optimize digitalization and process-based management in all aspects, and create digital and AI work scenarios that are more in line with the requirements of the times.

Bull Group was founded in 1995 and is one of the top 500 manufacturing companies in China. Its products are well-known to Chinese people and are sold well in thousands of households. According to statistics, more than 70% of Chinese households are using or have used Bull products (electrical connections, wall switches and sockets, LED lighting, digital accessories, etc.).

“We are not short of diligence, but without a good systematic coordination and management, the internal friction of the organization may lead to half the result with twice the effort. But with a good platform like Feishu, we believe that the results will be completely different.” Ruan Liping, Chairman of the Bull Group, said, “The Bull Group is promoting process optimization and digitalization in an all-round way. Only by relying on a good platform can we achieve our goals. We decided to use Feishu in a very short time, and it is precisely because Feishu solved the various problems we encountered before, such as inconsistent platforms and excessive customization, in a very short time.” Lin Chan, Chief Commercial Officer of Feishu, said: “The Bull Group is a leading Chinese company and a business card for advanced manufacturing. Through cooperation with the Bull Group, Feishu will create another benchmark for organizational change in advanced manufacturing. I hope that Feishu can help the Bull Group to take a step further in the process of strategic upgrading, internationalization, and organizational iteration through its services.” At present, Feishu has gained a large number of users in many fields. In the field of advanced manufacturing, from car companies such as “Wei Xiaoli” to advanced manufacturing companies such as Haier and Sany Heavy Industry, more and more companies are beginning to use Feishu to achieve organizational efficiency and product innovation. Product innovation based on organizational innovation and institutional innovation makes Chinese manufacturing more competitive in the world.