Ningbo occupies 8 seats in the list of 360 leading enterprises in China

The foundation of a country is the economy, the pillar of the economy is the industry, and the support of the industry is the leading enterprises. Without industry-leading enterprises, there will be no world-class enterprises, and without world-class enterprises, there will be no world-class countries.

Recently, at the main event of “Moving Towards the New and Growing Upward – 2024 Entrepreneurs Jiangxia Tour” hosted by Xinhuanet, China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Association, and Zhejiang Enterprise Federation, He Zhiyi, chief expert of Tsinghua University Global Industry Research Institute and professor of Peking University Guanghua School of Management, released and interpreted the “China Industry Leading Enterprises 2024” ranking list.

As a national champion city in manufacturing, Ningbo’s manufacturing enterprises are well-deserved.

In the basic list of 360 leading enterprises in the country, a total of 8 companies from Ningbo are on the list. They are: Bank of Ningbo, Ningbo Port, Top Group, Samsung Medical, Haitian International, Sunny Optical Technology, Shenzhou International, and Hosun Silicon Industry.