CHONGQING PELLETS BIOTECH CO.,LTD. was founded on July 7, 2004. It is registered in The second community of Yankou Village, Industrial Park, Hechuan District, Chongqing, and its legal representative is Yuan Yanjie. Business scope includes licensed items: production of pharmaceutical auxiliary materials (sugar pill); Import and export of goods, production of daily chemical raw materials (pellets) (excluding dangerous chemicals); Cosmetics production (subject to approval in accordance with the project, approved by the relevant departments to rear can operate, specific items will be subject to related department approval documents or certificates) general projects: microcapsule micro pill technology r&d and services (in addition to the subject to ratification in accordance with the project, on the strength of the business license shall operate independently according to law) CHONGQING PELLETS BIOTECH CO.,LTD. By a foreign investment company.