Here is Chongqing Sanda Information Technology Co., Ltd.We are a professional manufacturer of electronic products, with advanced production equipment and a large number of high-end technical staff , the goal markets of the products are mainly United States and Europe. Hot sell products like Bluetooth earphone,smart watch,smart phone holder and various LED screens. Our company is committed to providing various customized electronic products for foreign merchants,We have rich production and overseas transaction experience, the supply chain is mature and the shipment speed is very fast,the products and services have won unanimous praise from foreign customers.The company is based on the struggler, and continues to improve the corporate governance structure, organization, process and assessment, so that the company continues to maintain stable and effective growth. The company’s products and solutions cover the LED series including full-color single and dual-color displays, LCD splicing screens, LED lighting products and products designed for customer needs.The company implements a global business strategy. Our products and solutions have been used in over 20 countries and regions around the world through different channels The international market will be an important strategic direction for our development. We advocate the national one-belt and one-road strategy and strive to build an advanced manufacturing enterprise that serves the world. I believe we can become good partners.