Dongguan City Daheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. It covers a land area of over 10,000 square meters and architectural area of 12,000 square meters. It is one of the biggest bonding footwear manufacturers in Dongguan. Our company specializes in the production and processing of footwear, sports equipment, handbags, garments and electronic light rubber auxiliary materials. Hengda now has advanced bonding machines: looms, flame bonding machines, slopwork bonding machines, TPU bonding machines, oiling machines, quality inspection machines, strip cutting machines, strip drawing machines, stitching machines, cotton yarn cord machines and environment-friendly hot-melt adhesive machines, excellent technical talents and advanced bonding technologies. Hengda’s powerful transport system can ensure prompt delivery to meet customer’s requirements on quality and delivery. Hengda products are well sold all over the country and are exported to Europe and America. Various Hengda products can meet customer’s different requests. Our business scope covers the following aspects: 1) Environment-friendly setting cloth: thermal pressing type (A, C and D) and cold bonding type (B)2) Various kinds of shoe cloth: fine cloth, nylon fabric, various mesh fabrics, T/C cloth, satin, lycra fabric, sandwich cloth, khaki cloth, damask, linen cloth, towel cloth, brushing cloth, non-woven cloth, velvet3) Shoes material accessories: EVA high foaming, sponge, resilience, foaming, submerging material, SBR, nylon reinforcing belt, mid-sole plates, red plates, cotton yarn cord, broken cloth4) Various adhesive bonding: processed with hot-melt adhesive bonding, self-bonding, oiling bonding, strip cutting and strip drawing, such as genuine leather (pig, sheep hide) bonding or gluing, foaming bonding, powerful glue bonding and special glue bonding (e.g. 4000L glue, SBR glue bonding)5) Slopwork bonding: We process materials with environment-friendly adhesive during the whole process. Products made are nontoxic, environment-friendly, soft and wash-resistant. The fabric or liner compounded of various is suitable for sportswear, jacket, shoes material, glove, bra, handbag, hat, furniture, sofa, toy, curtain, baby-car, and sound insulation material6) TPU waterproof film bonding: We process materials with environment-friendly adhesive during the whole process. Products made are nontoxic, environment-friendly, soft and water- resistant. Glued waterproof breathing film is waterproof, windproof, moisture permeable, soft, and washable. So it’s able to exhaust out sweat vapor during sporting, adjust human body temperature, and keep it cool. Compound waterproof breathing film is used for sportswear, dust coat, raincoat, down coat, glove, hat, military wear, and shoes material. Glued waterproof breathing film can be used for waterproof shoes, sneaker, airbag, sports protective article, PU foaming, medical mattress, and sleeping bag7) Flame bonding (non-glue bonding): sponge foam is itself conglutinating materials, and we process materials by burning sponge foam. Two different types of materials may be bonded together by burning sponge foam. It is suitable for polyester and DTY microfiber. Products made are soft, water-resistant and dry-resistantWith quality policy of “Supply customers satisfying products, delivery, and service”, Hengda has been improving product quality, cultivating company culture, as well as enriching and enlarging ourselves since the establishment. Led by the principle of high quality product, Hengda wins market by standardized production mode. Hengda would like to cooperate with all partners for commonly brilliant future. We warmly welcome your visit, negotiation and order.