As a worid’s leading supplier for solutions for electric energy and new energy and an electric energy company specialized in new energy, SNAT has powerful strength and is engaged in both electric energy and new energy. Its main five kinds of products including inverters, U PS, solar controllers. solar inverters and batteries are widely used in the electric power market, the infrastructure market and the industrial market Since its establishment. SNAT has been being a pioneer in the world’s new energy field.The global sales volume of SNAT has 150 million yuan and. in China, 600 employees, 3 factories. 30 customer service centers. more than 50 points of sale, 7 subsidiaries, 5 regional offices, 1 new energy power supply R&D center, 2 new energy battery R&D centers. more than 30 agents and a nationwide sales network.Inverters. UPS. solar controllers. solar inverters and batteries of SNAT are exported to developing countries in Africa, Asia and South Africa, bringing positive economical, environmental and social changes for these countries in the process of active cooperation with partners, SNAT promotes sustainable development, makes active contributions to developing countries and enriches the environment-friendly life of people. By means of advanced green solutions, SNAT helps countries reduce their energy consumptions and C02 emissions to create the best economical and social values and environmental benetits. The supporting products for solar power systems of SNAT are widely used in families in developing countries. SNAT has deeply recognized the significance of greensolutions. so it carries out a ‘Green Worid’ strategy in its operation, products and service. SNAT hopes to promote energy saving and environmental protection of the whole society through its own energy conservation and emission reduction