1. Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai was founded in 1991 and it was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 1996. At the beginning, Gree was only a company that assembled residential air conditioners. Now it has grown into a diversified technological global industrial group that has expanded its business to air conditioners, home appliances, high-end equipment and communication equipment. Gree products are sold widely to more than 160 countries and regions.2. Gree has 90,000 employees, including 14,000 engineers and over 30,000 technical workers. It has 14 production bases around the world, and has established 96 research institutions, 929 laboratories, 1 academician workstations, one national key laboratory, one national engineering research center, one national industrial design center, one national recognized enterprise technology center.3. Stand firm in innovation-driven development. The company has laid down the principle for R&D expenditure: “input according to demand and no upper limit”; in 2018, the annual input in scientific research and development reached RMB 7.268 billion. Through many years of research and development, the company has applied for 66,709 national patents including 33,011 invention patents, and 2,107 international patents. On the list of China invention patents published by China National Intellectual Property Administration, Gree ranked No.6 in China and No.1 in the home appliances industry for its number of granted patents. According to the Nikkei newspaper, Gree’s global market share of residential air conditioners reached 20.6% in 2018, ranking No.1 in the world for many years. Market share of Gree central air conditioner ranks No. 1 for 8 consecutive years in the domestic market.4. Stand firm in giving priority to quality. According to the statistics released by China National Institute of Standardization, Gree’s customer satisfaction and loyalty in the past 8 years remained No.1 in the air conditioning industry since 2011. In 2018, Gree won the China Quality Award.5. In 2018, Gree achieved sales revenue of RMB 200.24 billion, contributing RMB 16.02 billion in total tax, and ranking No. 1 for the tax payment in the homes appliances industry for 12 consecutive years.