Guangzhou Fortune New Energy Co., Ltd. is a state-of-the-art company devoted to the research, develop and manufacture of lead acid batteries and Lithium Batteries. Through 17 years of development, Fortune New Energy Co., Ltd constantly manufactures our products today to meet tomorrow’s requirements. That’s why Fortune New Energy has grown to a well-known and the most reliable storage battery brand at home and abroad.With a 150,000 square meter manufacturing plant finely tuned for efficiency, we have strong innovation capability from our R&D team, ISO standard manufacturing processes, effective management and the awareness of being an industrial leader in the supply of VRLA batteries. That’s why Fortune New Energy follows ISO standard and has been awarded with ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE Approvals. Fortune New Energy has been aggressively pursuing the research and development of a full range of batteries for global power supply markets and the standard requirements of international applications.Sincerity and Trust make Fortune Power batteries and brands well-sold throughout China and the world. Fortune Power batteries have been widely used in the UPS / stationary power systems, maintenance-free motive power systems, emergency and signal lighting equipment, medical equipment and security/fire Alarm systems, large-scale industrial applications, commercial utilities, telecom and postal systems, auto and marine applications, as well as solar and wind generated energy systems at each corner of the world, and enjoy a high appreciation for the quality of products and services. We will make the world better with green energy!