Guangzhou shundiming electronic technology co., ltd. is a professional engaged in lithium battery, polymer lithium battery development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Is a domestic independent research and development base, high-tech production lines, lithium battery production lines up to the international level, product quality and international brand development, is one of the first choice of domestic well-known battery brand lithium battery OEM units.Since its establishment in 2013, the company has laid a solid foundation in product research and development and product quality improvement to ensure shundiming’s leading position in the rechargeable battery industry. Over the past ten years, the sales volume of the company has been growing rapidly with an average speed of over 100%, and a huge industrial sales network and foreign trade sales network have been established. The company launched its own brand shundiming in the domestic market in 2013, and now it has become a well-known brand in China.The company now has a plant area of more than 4000 square meters, more than 100 employees. Passed and strictly implemented iso9001:2008 quality system, to meet customer needs for our highest purpose. The company has established strict quality management system in every link of design, research and development, production and service. In battery production and research and development, the company always adheres to the guiding ideology of environmental protection, high efficiency and innovation, and takes it as its own responsibility to provide consumers with environmental protection, pollution-free and high-tech products. All the products have passed the CE, SGS and other product certification, good quality, on time delivery, perfect service and competitive products cost performance, so that shundiming battery customers at home and abroad praise.Our mission is to maximize the value of our products by innovating cost-effective products and improving services. Guarantee the market competitiveness of shundiming company; Cultivate customer-focused results-oriented talents and create space for them to give play to their potential and achieve success, so as to achieve a win-win situation.Brand advantage:Shundiming is an independent brand launched by the company in 2013. It has been promoted in China for many years and has gained a good reputation. Shundiming technology is also one of the few domestic rechargeable battery manufacturers with independent production lines and independent brands. Therefore, the product has high quality, high cost performance, perfect service and other advantages.Marketing advantages:After years of promotion, shundiming brand products in addition to the domestic market has formed a mature sales network composed of nearly 100 dealers; Also exported to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia, Africa, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions. In recent years, the company will focus on the development of the domestic civil market, in the network construction and product brand promotion to increase investment, and has a high-quality brand marketing team. In the national dealers, up to a certain number, our company can also provide customers with a single product battery tailored, special production of promotional products and other marketing services.Product advantages:Shundiming technology focuses on manufacturing rechargeable batteries and chargers. Its products are characterized by strong professionalism, high technology content and complete product lines. At present, our company not only has cylinder lithium battery, polymer lithium battery, toy, digital battery, lamp battery, fast charging, intelligent charging and other civil products, but also has different types of industrial supporting batteries. In particular, 18650,2665,32650,18500 batteries adopt the battery series combination technology, which has the leading position in China.