The core value of”TWINOR”1. Our company always uphold “service upmost, excellence ” corporate culture. We will try our best to cost saving, ensure product quality, shorten the period of purchase and accelerate the speed of working of funds for customers, such that create value for customers in less time.2. We constantly pay attention to market trend, and accelerate exploration and innovation based on market demand. VIP customers can enjoy the priority to quality product resource and our customers are more competitive in the market.3. Our aim is to establish a benign circle of ecosystem of supply and demand. Moreover, Optimizing supply chain from the source, we can better ensure the quality and delivery time of our product. Quality products also can provide more competitive for downstream customers, thus achieve common growth of upstream and downstream customers. Meanwhile, end customers also can get a better product experience, so that establish a stable and sustainable cooperative relationship. From a benign circle of ecosystem consist of upstream suppliers, downstream customers, end customers and our company, thus generate efficiently value. 4. Strengthen internal teamwork, efficient and professional service for customers, realize individual value and team value in the whole ecosystem, and advance together with our company.5. Company Philosophy: service upmost ,quality ,professional ,precision ,innovation ,efficient