J&R is one of the most professional manufacturers of weatherproof telephones, emergency telephones, industrial telephones, public telephones and telephone management system in Asia. The successful cooperation with thousands of customers all over the world and the supports to hundreds of projects have made us a reliable and popular supplier of industrial phones and phone accessories. Our main products include telephone management system(TMS),heavy-duty telephone,weather resistant telephones, inmate phones, emergency telephones, roadside call box,elevator phones and telephone kits as well. As a reliable supplier of different kinds of industrial phones, we have been sharing the equipment and systems with different customers and users all over the world. The professional service and excellent quality made us enjoy the reputation over more than 80 countries, including USA,UAE,Germany,Saudi Arabia,Australia,Thailand,Malaysia,Turkey,Singapore,Israel,Slovenia,Korea,Kuwait,India,Greece,Spain,France,UK,Norway,Finland,France,Denmark,Iran,Pakistan,South Africa,Russia,Peru,Mexico,Colombia,Chile,Brazil etc. Dedication and profession have been our pursuing goal during any procedures of our production, not only in developing and quality controlling, but also in marketing and after sales. We serve any single potential customer with special individual solutions and systems. Choose J&R Technology, Choose Reliable Talks.