Established in 1996, Pujiang Onlyou Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a family-owned light perfume manufacturer. After almost 20 years of development, we have grown to be a powerful enterprise with 80millions assets. We have built a series of brands (OULEAF, LEAFSO, BERNINI, XLMS, REVE DOR, SURPRISE, J’ALYER, XANEL, CARLOS MOYA, and SIXIEME SENS) which have a solid reputation in the global market.At Onlyou, we are dedicated to service and committed to supporting our customers’ OEM &ODM requirements. We take the time to work with each of our customers and develop the best solution possible for their specific need. With an innovative in-house team of designers, engineers, and technologist, we have successfully designed perfumes with soothing and long-lasting aroma using natural ingredients and required inputs. Our innovative ability is also reflected by the large number of patents we have obtained.Maintaining good relationships with global customers, we are proud to grasp customer demands precisely and provide products exactly meet your requirements. Our factory covers 30,000 square meters and is designed under the instruction of engineer from Dior. Equipped with 35 advanced production lines and 150 sets of storage tanks (1000Kg), we can produce 250000 bottles of perfume and 150,000 boxes of gift box every day which ranges the first in Asia.We’re committed to customer satisfaction and will spare no effort to provide exceptional service to all the customers. We strive to build permanent relationships and earn customers for life, and we genuinely appreciate each and every opportunity we are given to be of service to you.