Qinghai Beiye Culture Co., Ltd. is located in the birthplace of Thangka art in Regong, Qinghai Province. With some brilliant Thangka artists in China ,it is the first Chinese enterprise providing high-quality Thangka paintings to the international market. The company’s name, Bei Ye, refers to the leaves of the pattra used in ancient India to write and dissemble Buddhist scriptures, so the company’s vision is to spread the Thangka, a treasure of Oriental Buddhist art, to collectors around the world. Country of Domicile In order to provide high-quality Thangka works, our production mode is to carry out in-depth cooperation with senior Thangka artists in Regong area, fully follow the traditional skills, and carry out customized creation according to specific needs. Therefore, each thangka is the crystallization of a senior artist who takes three months. Thangka painting is a kind of practice. Thangka artists describe their respect for Buddha and their yearning for goodness bit by bit. These paintings with auspicious ideas can soothe and purify people’s hearts, which also explains why they have been handed down for more than a thousand years.