Shenzhen Jiatai Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. Which is mainly engaged in research and developing, manufacturing and marketing lithium ion batteries, The total area of Huizhou manufacturing base is about 7500 square meters. We master core technologies in the file of battery management systems(BMS), Professional to provide OEM/ODM service for advanced lithium ion battery solutions. The company’s main products are divided into two kinds: energy storage lithium-ion battery packs and power lithium-ion battery packs. Our product mainly used in Portable power station\Distributed ESS\Telecom station\Uninterrupted power supply\Camping car\Yacht etc. Intelligent walking tool\Smart home products and many other new energy fields.”Jiatai” follows the policy customer supremacy, the quality-first and serve in a top-grade aim. Strive to provide excellent performance product and Featured services.