Shenzhen Max Power Co.,Ltd was established in 2017 . We’re a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the research , develop , and manufacturer of Max Power brand lithium batteries. Our facilities are well equiped with the world’s most advanced production tools and testing instruments to guarantee high quality products with long service lifetime.We also take pride with our staff and team who are dedicated to research , development and design of high quality and long lasting rechargeable batteries.Product lines includes but not limited to LiFePO4 ,Li(NiCoMn)O2 ,Lithium Polymer batteries and battery packs ,which are widely used in Electric Bicycles , Smart Robots , Electric Scooters , Solar storage energy , Power tools , Electronic toys , LED lighting , Digital camera , Table PC , Testing equipments , Medical equipments and other electronic products .In pursuit of quality perfection , Max Power established professional Quality Control Center and successfully gained the certificates of CE , ISO, UN38.3 ect.. We always adhere to the belief that Quality and professional service is the life of the enterprise and a most powerful means of gaining an edge over our competitors .Max Power is in a sencere pursuit to be a standarding quality and service in the field of Chinese storage battery.We will always strive towards excellence in producing only what is considered the best in quality,and service.We are Shenzhen Max Power and we are in the business of providing solutions for your energy storage needs.