Shenzhen Zigxico Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to SONHISEE Group, which is a platform of mobile Internet + Internet of all things. Through the integration of the climate advantages, geographical advantages, talent advantages, raw materials supply chain advantages of Shenzhen. SONHISEE have an Internet platform online and a layout of thousands of stores offline. Through a new business model, we help all offline stores to transform into a circle of e-commerce and serve thousands of households. Let offline physical stores open one store and earn two sums of money (intelligent hardware and maintenance services). SONHISEE cut into the market through a security hot selling item to build the partner relationships with users, to establish a large number of users, and finally form an AI Internet of things platform. We are based in Shenzhen, the global technology center of China. ” One belt, one road” of China strategy put forward by Comrade Xi Jinping, which will enable China’s advanced intelligent hardware products and new business models to benefit 65 emerging economies and developing countries, and more than 4 billion & 400 million of the population along the line, and then enter the European and American markets. At the same time, SONHISEE will promote national employment, remove excess capacity, earn foreign exchange for the motherland, and create a smart and better life for countries and people along the way.SONHISEE (ZIGXICO) is determined to become one of the top 500 companies in the world!ZIGXICO technology headquarters has a modern standard factory building of 4000m2 at present, the company has more than 200 employees, with an average monthly shipment of 150000 cameras, 100000 of which are in the domestic market, and the company’s production capacity is 300000 / month. It is the first brand in Shenzhen monitoring sales volume. It takes the lead in the industry to launch the network high-definition soft light full-color camera, adopting semi-automatic production, with mature production quality and technology. Company’s main products are million high-definition cameras, ultra-low illumination cameras, color infrared waterproof cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras, high-speed dome cameras, 1080p HD soft light full color cameras, Micro intelligent alarm cameras, warm full color cameras, HD dome cameras, laser HD dome cameras, wireless dual light HD cameras etc.Product Features1. Independent R & D and manufacturing of a full range of products2. Fast and efficient technical support3. Master the overall solution of HD monitoring4. Palm quality service network covers the whole home marketIQC test (incoming quality control)For the goods delivered by the supplier, the inspection shall be carried out according to the acceptance inspection (technical) standard. All raw materials entering the factory shall be inspected by IQC incoming materials, of which the full inspection of lens, lamp and chip shall be the focus (inspection items: lens clarity, infrared lamp illumination, battery value, etc.), the qualified raw materials shall be put into the warehouse, and the unqualified raw materials shall be directly returned to the supplier1. Inspection classification2. Qualified products (debugging)3. Unqualified products detected4. Shell waterproof testWarehousing managementAfter all raw materials of Ruisaite technology are inspected by IQC, all qualified products must be classified, counted and registered in the warehouse; Record the access and place in order;PMC order arranged PMG of each production line area will arrange the orders received every day to PMC white board in the production board (arrange the orders according to the order time and delivery date sequence), and at the same time, there are three processing orders with the production line, one is sent to the production flow with the order, and one is sent to the logistics department for shipment registration.