Tianshui Wang Run Commercial and Trade Co., Ltd. (Jia Wei Company in short) was established as a modern joint-stock private enterprise in September of 2008 based on the expanding and transforming of Tian Shui Sheng Yuan Fruit Company which has 13 years’ history. The area ofWang Run Company reaches 20Mu, and the fruit garden is 733Mu with a total capital of RMB 15,000,000 and 86 staff members.
        The daily processing quantity is about 60 tons and the annual turnover is more than RMB 30,000,000.Wang Run Company are consists of four economic entities, which are a registered fruit planting base, a fruit processing factory, an air conditioned cold store, and a tray factory (fruit packaging). The main business of Wang Run company is planting, growing, production, purchasing, processing and sale of early crisp pears and brand apples,such as Huaniu apples,Golden apples, Gala apples, red star apples, Fuji apple and vegetables such as : garlic ,ginger,carrot,cabbage,onion, etc . Over dozens of years’ operation, our products have been famous both at home and abroad, such as cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing in China, and more than 10 foreign countries and regions, such as the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, India, Egypt and Malaysia,.
        The outstanding achievement broughtWang Run the opportunity to be rewarded as “Dragon Head Company of Maiji District” and “Faith to Contract and Trustworthy Company” by Maiji District Government in 2009. Meanwhile, in 2009, the legal person Yan Tiansheng ofWang Run Company was honored as the “leading person of farmers to be rich” by Hua Niu County Government. Wang Run Company is located at the hometown of “Hua Niu” apples – Dengzhuang Village, Huaniu Town, Maiji District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, with the Tianshui-Beidao Express Way to the north and Xi Huang Avenue to the south, enjoying particular geographical position and convenient transportation. Based on making “Green Pollution-free Food” on 2008 , our company successfully registered a 733Mu planting base in Dongjiaping Village of Qinzhou District in Tianshui City, which is rich in natural resources, such as abundant sunshine, moist climate, and surrounding pollution-free and irrigating water of drinking standard. For our company adopts the technologies of biology and non pesticide residue, the fruit quality meets the international standard and is famous both in domestic and overseas markets. The area of production and processing workshop is over 1300 square meters, facilitated with cleaning, waxing, polishing, selecting and other advanced processing equipment and fruit detectors, with a daily processing capacity of 60 tons. We have 5 air conditioned cold stores and the fruit storage capacity is about 3600 tons. We have 2 fruit tray production lines, focusing on fruit tray and egg tray processing, and the daily output is about 80,000 pieces.
        Since 2008, the mission of Wang Run has been “Persisting Faith, Pursuing Truth”, building the brand name of “Hua Niu”, and forging an international figure; our social duty is “creating working positions so as to alleviating social pressure, spurring local economy, implementing the concept of scientific development with the support of the local government, and actively joining into the world economy development”. By now,Wang Run Company has achieved great social benefits and economic benefits. Wang Run Company is wishing to establish business relationships with worldwide business operators, and to pursue mutual benefit and realize a win-win situation.