Xi’an Supersonic Aviation Technology Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as SAT) is a high-tech company mainly engaged in industrial 3D printing technologies and defense components R & D and production, which have more than 18 years experience at PREP atomizing technology for spherical powder and 13 years experiences at 3D printing such as Laser deposition, SLM, EBM, SLA process, also have 20 years experiences at all kinds of aero , automobile engine parts and aviation maintenance equipment.

The company’s technical team comes from Chinese top R & D institutions and powerful Corp. SAT can provide the following products and technical services by our plant and our partners: 3D printing materials of Biodegradable materials and spherical metal powder such as titanium alloy, superalloy, aluminum and copper alloy; rare refractory metals; Customized PREP atomized equipment; 3D printer for desktop and DP, SLA, SLM; Customized 3D printing parts; Surface finishing services with a precision bellow Ra 60 nanometer for 3D printing parts and other parts to arbitrary materials and complex structures; UVAs and robots; Advanced chip cooling components such as CMC, CMCC; High purity metal and target; Single crystal of metal; Customized aero components; Customized minimally invasive surgical instruments; Customized implants; Automobile parts; Ultra precision watch movement parts and jewelry; Aviation maintenance equipment such as special aviation power and cable, ground detection equipment for integrated navigation system, loop control ground detection device, etc.