In 2023, the total output of early rice in China will be 28.337 million tons

Data released by the China Statistics Bureau on the 23rd showed that the country’s total output of early rice in 2023 was 28.337 million tons (56.67 billion jin), an increase of 215,000 tons (430 million jin) over 2022, or an increase of 0.8%.

  The area of early rice decreased slightly in a stable manner. 47.331 thousand hectares (70.997 million mu) of early rice were sown nationwide in 2023, 21.9 thousand hectares (329,000 mu) less than that of the previous year, a decrease of 0.5%.

  Wang Guirong, director of the Rural Department of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that the local layers of grain production responsibility, seriously implement the national rice subsidies, the actual grain farmers one-time subsidies and other policies, supporting the introduction of relevant support measures to protect the farmers’ income from planting grain, the area sown in the early rice has remained basically stable. However, due to last year’s southern region of autumn and winter drought, part of the “rice rice oil” producing areas of oilseed rape fertility delayed, stubble tensions, affecting the timely transplanting of early rice, farmers planted other crops, the early rice sowing area has slightly decreased.

  Statistical data show that the yield of early rice increased slightly; in 2023, the national yield of early rice was 5,987 kilograms per hectare (399.1 kilograms per mu), an increase of 72.7 kilograms per hectare (4.8 kilograms per mu) over the previous year, or an increase of 1.2%.