Play with metal 3D printing

As the light spot moves, metal powders continue to accumulate, and bionic organ models, automobile parts, aerospace precision parts, etc. “grow” from scratch, from small to large. On April 3, the reporter came to Jiangsu […]

Lianyungang releases 20 new tax service measures

On April 3, the Lianyungang Municipal Taxation Bureau held the launch ceremony of the 33rd National Tax Publicity Month and released 20 new tax service measures focusing on the primary task of high-quality development. According […]

Zimbabwe launches ‘gold-backed’ currency

According to a report on the Financial Times website on April 4, Zimbabwe will issue a new currency on the 5th, which is said to be backed by the country’s gold reserves. The latest move […]

Nikkei: China’s economy will grow by 4.7% in 2024

A survey of Chinese economists conducted by Nikkei Business News and Nikkei QUICK News shows that the average forecast for China’s real gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate in 2024 is 4.7%. Although it was […]

Russian Agricultural Bank returns to SWIFT system

The European Union is considering a Russian proposal to set up a branch of the Russian Agricultural Bank to regain access to global financial networks, Reuters reported July 3, citing the Financial Times.   The newspaper […]