Asia (Hangzhou) Sourcing & Communications is an International Trading Company, located in Hangzhou of China, dealing with several kinds of consumer and automotive type products and currently serving customers from the USA, Europe and the Middle East.The only goal of us is providing the best service to make our customers’ business easy, efficient and satisfied. Our profession, responsibility and communication skills let us act as a convenient and credible bridge between customers and suppliers. We are able to supply tech support, including technical document translation, product design and quality control. Furthermore, we have rich and professional supplier resources in different fields to work together closely in secular term. We are very experienced at finding new suppliers in Zhejiang and Jiangsu for our customers. We work directly with customers’ new products and marketing and technical departments and we help them communicate their requirements fast and clearly and we obtain the desired products at the desired pricing from China factories.For your reference, ConAir, Ogosports, Interdynamics – the leaderd of the American Motor Vehicle A/C DIY field are valued and primary customers. We have worked for them for more than 5 years and they are very satisfied with our service, including our technical support. The products we source for them include Air compressors, Generators, Water Pumps, High Pressure Cleaners, Gas refrigerants, chemical and many types of hand tools used for charging MVA/C systems, including electronic items, some adornments, commodities and EVA sport toys. They are sold in Wal-Mart, AutoZone, and Advance. We handle the production and shipment of hundreds of thousands items annually with sales value of over 8 million US dollars.We would be delighted, and you are welcomed to try our service. We believe you will find our service valuable and will treasure your relationships with AS&C as we treasure the opportunities to serve you.