Chongqing Jianli Glassware Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the development, design, manufacture and sale of all kinds of glassware, daily necessities, arts & crafts. Located in Chongqing, China, our company has a group of skilled workers and abundant raw material resources. Our manufacturing processes include artificial blowing, semi-automatic machine suppression, automatic machine blowing, artificial carving, decorating fire, sandblasting, glass frosting and bronzing. The manufacture of decorative lighting is made into a whole by handmade, blowing before the fire and automatic shaping. Our heat-resistant products, such as coffee pots and tea pots, are made of environmentally friendly high borosilicate glass with 3.3 coefficients of expansion. This glass has many excellent characteristics which include chemistry stability, low coefficient of expansion and heat-resistance, and the difference in temperature for the moment is -20~150 degrees centigrade. Our main products are ashtrays, coffee pots, artificial blowing wine glass, tea and wine sets, glass vases, tornado lamps, candle holders, decorative lighting accessories, water cups, engraved glass, fruit plates, juice glass, advertising cups, salad bowls, fish tanks and various items used in hotels and houses