Chongqing Nan’an District Panlong Dance Shoes Factory (Brand:Suphini) was founded at Chongqing China in 2003. Our factory is a professional dance shoes manufacturer for Latin shoes, tango shoes, ballroom shoes and party/wedding shoes. We began to export dance shoes from 2008. Currently serving more than 100 brands worldwide, the main customers are in Europe and North America.We have our own design team and the skilled craftsman team with average working experience over 15 years, making shoes by hand and own the stable quality supply chain. In addition, we have always insisted on establishing a good communication relationship with the first-class professional dancers in the dance field, and invite them to try our products. We are very willing to accept, and also good at listening to the suggestions and opinions of professional dancers, so that the function and appearance of the product are perfectly combined. It is these key points that enable us to produce light, comfortable , safe and stylish dance shoes. Our philosophy is to grow together with our guests. After years of hard work, we are very grateful to all our guests for their trust and support.Our factory always adheres to strict management, self-growth, and continuous improvement as the core standard of a excellent supplier. Try to provide our customers with higher quality and competitive products. Our unanimous pursuit of goals is high quality, fast delivery, and multiple choices, so that customers could order shoes without worries. OEM/ODM are both available, we supply the customized design for our customers and offer special style protection clauses , so that our customers could build and develop their own brand image.Warmly welcome more friends who love dancing in the dance industry, it is our honor to design and supply shoes for you. We will continue to try our best to provide you with high-performance products and great services.Our Vision: To be a trustworthy and respected supplier is our vision, Our Mission: Let more and more people release their soul and passion, enjoy life and freedom through dancing.