Pomeisen Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality private enterprise focusing on the research and development of hot pot base seasoning technology. It operates its own brands such as “Bomeisen”, “Bao La Ding”, “Fu La Ke”, “Xiang Xiang Yu”, “Jianong Market”, etc. The company has 70 employees and annual sales of more than 20 million. Since the establishment of the share reform in 2020, the company has been dedicated to the industrialization of seasonings and convenient fast food products. Team spirit. And form a complete one-stop service system of technology development, experience, cooperation, online and offline sales.The company has a vigorous technical team, with 95% of the total number of people with high education, and 2 senior experts who have been engaged in the seasoning industry for 15 years. The company has strong seasoning production and research and development capabilities. With a good reputation, solid professional technology and meticulous service, as well as a new learning team, we will provide you with more professional technical support and product services.The company adheres to the basic principle of “satisfaction of quality, satisfaction of research and development technology, and satisfaction of product services”, and constantly strengthens the comprehensive competitiveness of the company, seeks development in competition, and seeks opportunities in challenges. I believe that our company will give You provide the most high-end and most delicious seasoning products!