Chongqing Renewal Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on stamping production and processing of mechanical parts. The company was established on December 20, 2012, at No. 69, Jianxin Industrial Park, Hangu Town, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing.The company’s main management and technical team is composed of people who have worked in coastal foreign-funded enterprises for more than 20 years. The management mode and technical support are based on the previous experience of foreign-funded enterprises and combined with the localized reality. After a period of improvement, the company’s operation and production capacity rank first in the same industry. In order to achieve “specialization”, “subdivision”, “automation”, the company has been adhering to the principle of automatic stamping production since its establishment. In order to ensure the stability of products, all stamping machines are imported from Taiwan.After several years of development, the annual output value is nearly 20 million yuan. The equipment consists of 10 automatic punches, 2 automatic tapping machines, 2 welding machines, 4 automatic circle machines, 4 screw assembling machines, 2 precision milling machines and 2 precision grinding machines, and various related testing equipment. The technical staff includes 2 die engineers, 3 die masters, 1 quality engineer and 6 managers.After several years of market development and sorting out, the products are mainly divided into four categories: German American throat hoop series,’automobile air conditioning heater and bumper metal spring card series,’automobile hub die-casting filter network series,’on-line high-pressure pack igniter magnet core series!The company has always adhered to the quality policy of “pressing customers’urgency” and “thinking about customers” to provide services to customers, and passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification in 2016.Since its inception, we have always operated and developed with the business philosophy of “continuous innovation, common development and shared joy”. We are looking forward to working with old and new friends to develop and share our joy on the road of sustainable development.