Chongqing yunfengda Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is located at no.99,Gancheng East Road,Jiangbei District,Chongqing,with a registered capital of 80 millions yuan.It covers an area of 85 mu, with a production site of 24000 m2.It has 4000 tons,2000 tons,800 tons of free forging hydraulic press, 5 tons, 3 tons of electro-hydraulic hammer,5m ring rolling machine and other large and medium forging equipmeng,as well as supporting machining and heat treatment equipmeng. Specializing in wind power,hydropower,shipping,petroleum,metallurgy,mining,engineering machinery,railway and other large and medium-sized equipment forging manufacturing.the annual production capacity of forgings reaches 100000 tons.Chongqing yunfengda MachineryManufacturing Co.,Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of”good faith and compliance,discipline and law-abiding,high-quality service and win-win cooperation”,and actively strives to continue to serve China Shipbuilding Chongqing grarbox Co.,Ltd.,Chongqing Wangjiang Industry Co.,Ltd.,Chongqing General Industry Group Co.,Ltd.,Dongfeng turbine Co.,Ltd.,Dongfang Electric Group Co.,Ltd Ge Group Chongqing Xinxing general transmission Co.,Ltd.,Japan AISI(Chongqing)drive system Co.,Ltd. And the vast number of new and old customers to provide quality service,maintain good cooperation!