Our company was established in 1998. We specialize in manufacturing and selling wooden toys. Our initial investment was RMB5,000,000 and our yearly sales value is over US$20,000,000. Through years of development, we have developed thousands of items and each year we develop new ones. Our products are of excellent quality and good workmanship, and are exported to all over the world, such as the USA, Europe and Asia. We have developed very close relationships with our customers who have placed repeat orders from us.We have the pleasure to inform you that we have moved to our new facility which includes 10,000 square meters of area for production and warehousing plus around 1000 square meters of dormitory area for our workers and 2,500 square meters of office and show room area. We have copy shapers, coating dryers, glue machines, sanding machines, boring machines, panel saws and press machines which can produce very high quality wooden toys. We have ICTI and FSC certifications and we are a high standard wooden toy manufacturer.Our motto is “customer satisfaction and confidentiality of customers’ contracted products”. We make great effort to meet customers’ needs.”Good Service and Product Quality” are our prime objectives.