Xinjintao has been committed to the design, development and manufacture of high-tech lithium battery industry. From the breakthrough lithium material chemistry to the innovation of battery system management and complete system design, xinjintao engineering team can quickly design and develop new battery and energy storage solutions by using its deep R & D experience and extensive knowledge across customer product platforms, so as to help customers quickly transfer their most innovative technologies Product delivery to the market. Through the introduction of high-end talents and the construction of laboratory for physical and chemical test, electrical performance test, electronics, safety and reliability test, with the goal of a complete set of industrial technology system, we develop advanced lithium-ion batteries and systems, aiming to help customers quickly, economically and effectively from conception to commercialization, and achieve engineering breakthroughs. Over the years, xinjintao has worked with numerous customers to provide complete EV Power and energy storage solutions, enabling the rapid development and delivery of innovative products to meet the needs of existing and emerging markets. Our lithium batteries operate in electric vehicles ranging from buses to commercial transit buses and energy storage systems around the world. Xinjintao will continue to work hard, based on rechargeable battery solutions, do a good job in technology and services, lead the new energy business in the future industry, and realize our commitment and goal as a trustworthy and respected enterprise.