Dongguan Risingsun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent company The core technology of intellectual property rights, professional engaged in lithium ion battery research and development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises. Located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, the company was founded in 2008, the factory covers more than 6000 square meters, now has more than 400 employees. The daily production capacity of the cell is 200,000, and the PACK part has a daily production capacity of 80,000-100,000. The company’s main products are divided into digital lithium ion batteries, notebook lithium ion batteries, power lithium ion battery modules and electronic peripheral accessories. Mainly used in mobile phones, MP3/MP4, digital cameras, sports cameras, VR cameras, notebook computers, e-books, power tools, industrial mobile lighting, medical equipment, fascia guns, vacuum cleaners, electric bicycles, electric vehicles and energy storage power stations and other fields.