Dongguan Tuoli New Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional r & D, production and sales of LiFePO4 , terpolymer lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, AGM battery GeL Battery Deep Cycle battery OPZV OPZS,and Parker battery pack new energy technology enterprises. Company plant area of 3000 square meters, production line automation up to 95%. It is one of the lithium-ion battery manufacturers with a large investment scale and the highest automation level in China. It provides safe, environmentally friendly, stable, portable, and durable high-energy-density dynamic cylindrical lithium-ion battery and optical, storage, and charging system technical solutions to the societyTuo li has a professional service team and established a value service chain from customer demand to customer maintenance. The r&d team of the Business Division has more than 20 researchers, including professional engineers in electrochemical, process, structure, quality, and electronics, and has complete testing tools and experimental equipment in design, manufacturing, and product testing. In hardware construction, the company test center has its safety laboratory reliability laboratory, can complete the comprehensive system of performance verification and evaluation!Tuoli Lithium is widely used in 3C consumer electronics, medical equipment, intelligent wear, public safety, power communication, vehicle power supply, security communication, transportation logistics, exploration and mapping, photovoltaic energy storage, police monitoring, special fields. Can be customized according to customer personalized needs, to provide customers from design, manufacturing, research and development, after-sales for a series of supporting all-round services. And China Electricity Science, China Shipbuilding, Jilin University, Beijing Special Equipment Research Institute, and many domestic well-known enterprises to reach long-term strategic cooperation, for domestic well-known enterprises to provide lithium battery application solutions. Company certification CE, ROHS, PSE, IEC6133-2, CQC, UN38.3B, UN38.3 battery instructions, and other product certificationTuoli provides OEM/ODM customized services: one-to-one customized product design and service support for customers.