New Singing has been manufacturing top quality microphone for 7 years now. We’ve been selling different microphones and personal audio product in China mainland,. At that time, we were strictly a mom-and-pop operation.To keep up with overwhelming customer response, the company expanded rapidly. We improved our R&D department and enlarged our product lines to include USB microphones and sound cards, microphone stands ,tube microphone, diaphragm microphone .China mainland is still our main market. As a matter of fact,at least 10 Taobao stores who selling microphone are made by us.With a strong home base, we feel we are ready to move overseas. So, We opened the Alibaba store in 2017 in order to open the international market. We are confident that we can provide our customers with more competitive products and better services. We have always been committed to the development of long-term stable customers, we can provide ODM for long-term customers. Therefore, we look forward to working with you for a long-term cooperation and win-win situation.