Foshan juli new energy technology co., ltd. is a large valve-controlled sealed maintenance-free lead-acid, gel battery and lithium battery manufacturer integrating research and development, production, sales and service. The production bases and sales headquarters of Ju Li are located in Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, which is convenient, and the industrial. There are three factories, and one plant mainly produces small secret batteries. The second plant mainly produces medium and large-scale battery, three factory main production lithium battery. In addition to universal sealing lead-acid batteries, our company also produces gel batteries, European front terminal batteries, 2V telecom batteries, solar wind energy storage batteries and lithium batteries. Products include 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V four series more than 1,000 capacity models, capacity from 0.5ah to 3000ah. Our registered trademark “Guanghong” brand and “ZULE” brand battery have passed CE, FCC, RoHS, and the inspection of China’s Guangdong and Foshan Battery Testing Center, and was rated: “China Green Environmental Saving Saving Sign Product”, “China’s famous brand”, “China’s new energy industry leading brand”, “China’s new energy industry is ten famous brand”, “China Project Construction Recommended Products”, “National Consumers Satisfied Brand”, “International Well-known Brand”, ” China’s top 100 excellent enterprises, “500 integrity brands”, “National Quality Service Credit AAA Enterprise”.The general manager of our company engaged in the battery industry for more than 20 years, starting from the grassroots level, familiar with the technical characteristics of different positions, and has improved a number of production technology in the process of production practice, and cultivated more than 20 professional battery production technicians. Let the product are more meticulous and better. Our company has a special minimal production line workshop and medium-scale production flow water line workshop, minimally produced pipelines can produce 90,000 batteries in one month, and the medium-miraculous production line can produce 20,000 batteries in one month, and the lithium battery production is all used. Tail, from a pair of blue paper, to the intrinsic resistance and voltage, the final double-sided automatic spot welding ensures the consistency of battery consistency, protective board and battery, to the full inspection requirements, to ensure that customers receive satisfactory batteries . Three plants meet the requirements of different customer groups. With the increase in the customer group, our company is constantly expanding capacity, increasing the pipeline, and makes satisfying customer delivery period and quality requirements. Our company can also provide OEM services to produce processing for customer registration of trademark batteries, and provide custom services such as capacity and housings.Our company has always adheres to the principle of honesty, honesty, and highly pays attention to the control and tracking after-sales service. Specialized technical team, high-quality battery products, all-round product services, gathering companies are committed to meeting the demand for global customers!