Natural cork,the bark of the oak tree,is one of nature’s most amazing raw Cork is incredibly light,100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable,impermeable to liquids and gases,elastic,compressible and resilient. It is still a fire retardant,and highly abrasion-resistant materialsHaving just one of these features would already be great. But to have them all in a single,undivided material is truly unique.No other material offers this combination of properties and no human-made product has yet been able to replicate its unique combination of propertiesWe use this kind of amazing raw materials to produce cork fabric and cork leather,It belong vegan fabric, have a wide range of applications, have passed SGS Reach, RoSH,EN71-3 TestNatural, plain, fashionable and unique are our persistent ideas and unremitting pursuit for product development. The company focuses on the production,development and application of cork materials,and can cooperate with customers to solve various problems of cork products together.