FoShan LiTong Fanpeng Co., LTD. was established on 2010 years, has been researching, manufacturing and distributing tarpaulin and canvas products for many years. Its business scope includes general business projects: 1. PVC coated and laminated series & special waterproof tarpaulin, polyester, cotton or oil wax canvas,widely used in ports, cargo transportation and construction; 2. Make top container cover, container and special transportation vehicle side curtain, durable reinforced tarparlin and advertisement canvas for dischargeable cargo transportation vehicles, which widely used in various special vehicles and container manufacturers; 3.Special shape products: We can customize awnings and tents in various shapes. Also we could produce different specification and shape according to customers request; 4. Special used fire-retardant canvas, tri-proof canvas, penetration resistant canvas, anti-UV and anti_oxidation and protection canvas, etc. Our company is a state-approved registered enterprise. We have abundant strength, reasonalbe price, excellent service and many enterprises to establish a long-term relationship of cooperation. Sometimes lost doest mean anything for you , you should be brave to fight with all enemy. Beaty is found anywhere, our eyes do not show any lock of find beaty but lack of observation. People are all lack of sension to insist do the hobby or what they are dreams, people are like to enjoy the world.