Germany Sinonteam (International) Holdings Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in green energy.And it is committed to the valve control group type maintenance free lead-acid battery, solar photovoltaic applications such as product design, production, sales, one-stop service, headquartered in Germany. Germany has many years experience of battery production , solar photovoltaic applications and technical reserves a high-quality, high efficiency, adapt to market demand research, management team. With the German same industry, universities, scientific research institutions established extensive and close relations of cooperation, so as to ensure the advanced nature of the group’s sustainable development and advanced product development .Foshan Sinonteam new energy Co., Ltd is a Germany Sinonteam (International) Holdings Limited’s Chinese subsidiary. It was established in 1995 and is a German race (International) Chinese subsidiary Holdings Ltd. is Germany, Hongkong, China, design the three party cooperation.Company is located in an important industrial city the Pearl River Delta – Foshan, the production base . Foshan Sinonteam new energy Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan Sanshui Datang Industrial Zone, mainly engaged in research and development, maintenance free lead-acid battery, solar system and main parts production, sales and service. Since the start, in support of Germany can match strong technology, with more than and 10 years of rich market, management experience and strong comprehensive strength. Sinonteam has become the domestic and foreign high-quality batteries and we also enjoy high visibility of the brand, Sunnysinon is also a brand new solar energy field in the high-end brand.Sinonteam company can match with Germany advanced design and production technology as the guide which have a group of competent R & D, production and technical personnel ,advanced production and testing equipment, the use of sophisticated testing technology and perfect management system.We strictly carry out multiple checks on product quality. Sinonteam is to match the national development and Reform Commission / Global Environment Fund / World Bank / Chinese renewable energy development projects designated qualified power suppliers; has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and CE/ROHS certification and was awarded by the State Council Information Office Chinese Internet Center / Network Administration / market operation Division Ministry of Commerce awarded the “Chinese credit enterprise certification system demonstration unit” title. Since the product has put on the market, we has been well received by the user’s trust and praise.”Sinonteam” has been rated as the most trusted consumer battery quality brand”.Our company’s products and services include: maintenance free valve regulated lead-acid battery, valve controlled sealed maintenance free gel battery, solar photovoltaic systems, solar LED/ lighting system, multi products, to meet the different needs of customers, and we can according to customer requirements to do the design and production. Products are widely used in finance, taxation, telecommunications, postal services, electricity, media, transportation, aerospace, petrochemical, military, medical, industrial and mining enterprises, new energy, education and other fields. The battery can match with many domestic state-owned banks, government agencies at all levels, universities, power station, solar energy enterprises, lighting manufacturers, UPS/EPS/ switching power supply manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and so on to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Especially in the new energy development projects, the battery can achieve excellent results, and access to many large-scale solar photovoltaic projects at home and abroad for many large solar photovoltaic projects. We are dedicated to the pursuit of advanced products, reliability, economy and practicability, sales and service ne