The company has 86 employees, including 23 senior scientific research and management personnel. It is a key enterprise integrating apple deep processing, fruit trading, storage and preservation, processing and sorting, packaging and distribution, e-commerce, inspection and testing. Since the establishment of the company, based on the industrial advantages of Jingning’s “one million mu high-quality apple production county” and the brand advantages of Jingning Apple’s “China’s famous trademark”, adhering to the consumption concept of “green, ecological, high-quality and healthy”, the company + market + agricultural cooperation organization has been established+ The agricultural industrialization mode of “farmers” adheres to the standardization, scale and networking of production and circulation of fruits and vegetables, takes the international market as the guide, relies on the processing and processing of high-tech fruits and vegetables products and the whole cold chain logistics, strives to create a green and environmental Jingning apple and deep processing series of high-quality products, and provides production technology services, new product R & D and sales information services for apple producing areas To build a high-end consumer market circulation system of “Jingning apple” radiating from home and abroad, guide and serve local fruit farmers, take the road of industrial prosperity, promote the transformation and upgrading of Jingning apple industry, and leap forward development. With first-class equipment, scientific management and international vision, the company strives to build an internationally competitive fruit processing and fresh fruit sales enterprise, introduce and cultivate high-end management talents in food processing, sales and logistics, promote the local processing and value-added of Jingning apple, further extend the fruit industry chain, help Jingning apple and its products export to earn foreign exchange, and promote the local economic development Exhibition enriches people’s life.