Gansu Henglong Industrial Products Co., Ltd. is one special exporter of measuring & cutting tools. Our products include all kinds of calipers and micrometers, depth & height gauges etc. We also manufacture all kinds of drills, such as HSS drills, tapers and 1/2 reduced shank drills, HSS end mills, taps & round dies, HSS slotting cutters, HSS side & face milling cutters, HSS and TCT hole saw cutters, SDS hammer drills, masonry drills, diamond saw blades and TCT saw blades. We also supply machine accessories including all hand tools & hardware. We have also diesel engine accessories such as nozzles, plungers, injectors, delivery valves, fuel pumps, oil pumps, piston rings and mine lamps. We have maintained friendly business relationships with all customers since 2006. If you are interested in our products, please contact us at your convenience.