Gansu Kinbo Industry Co., Ltd. sets agricultural cultivation, collection, storage, distribution, and foreign trade and food additives, supplementary pharmaceutical raw materials, import and export of mineral product as a whole, is committed to provide our customers with prompt high-effect, reliable service. Business covers Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa and Southeast Asia, demand for high quality food ingredients market, there is strong domestic and international trade channels with hundreds of well-known domestic manufacturers to establish a collaborative relationship, with more than 80 foreign countries and regions the trade, business products involving more than 100 varieties.Gansu Kinbo Industry Co., Ltd. has established a relatively perfect management system and the formation of a good corporate culture.
        Companies to set up the project management department, business department, comprehensive department and finance department, staff are dedication, a high professional level of young people. Party workers and other organizations around the company, active, not only enriched the company’s leisure and cultural life, active in the atmosphere, but also enhance the team’s cohesion. The formation of a unity in the entire organization, pioneering a good atmosphere.The company will always adhere to the “Founding integrity and pragmatic innovation”, adhere to the “with clients to achieve win-win” business philosophy, to talent-management for the protection and sustainable development as the goal, the growing strength of the company, to provide quality comprehensive service, providing customers with value-added services, determined to become a loyal friend and trusted customer trade service providers, as the world’s best advocate the application of the product in China, and gradually developed into a diversified enterprise group.