Gansu yanghuixian Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is a modern agricultural company. Main business: processing and marketing of agricultural and sideline products, processing and marketing of vegetables, melons and fruits, processing and marketing of edible oil, fertilizer development, improved seed breeding, agricultural technology development and service, etc.Based on the locality, we should give full play to the geographical advantages of Qingyang as the “hometown of day lily” and explore the bottleneck of industrial development. Based on the construction of the demonstration base of thousand acres of day lily, we plan to extend the industrial chain so as to realize the whole industry chain operation of the research and development of day lily breeding, planting, processing and marketing, refrigeration and preservation, and yellow flower tea and yellow flower mask.Gansu yanghuixian Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. adheres to the enterprise tenet of “natural and good agricultural products”, takes “natural, green, high quality and health” as the business philosophy, and takes providing consumers with safe agricultural products as the initial intention to ensure no pesticide, chemical fertilizer and pollution.