Gansu Yasheng International Trading Co.,Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gansu Yasheng Industrial (Group) Co.,Ltd.,which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code:600108),Gansu Yasheng Group is a large modernized agricultural enterprise in the northwest of China. It owns advanced agriculture equipment and rich land where a large amount of chili,sunflower,cumin,alfalfa,tomato,potato,hops,beer barley and other agricultural products are grown.
         The company is located in western China where allows free air circulation and sufficient sunlight and exists large temperature difference between day and night. These special climate conditions provide unique advantages to develop the local featured agriculture and make the agricultural products in this region more excellent.Based on the ample land resources of Gansu Yasheng Group,Gansu Yasheng International Trading Co.,Ltd. owns 60,000 mu pepper planting base and 100,000 mu sunflower planting base. After several years’ development,Gansu Yasheng International Trading Co.,Ltd. has gradually grown to a modern enterprise that integrates cultivation,processing and sales,mainly involving chili industry,edible sunflower industry and agricultural materials. The company’s main products include sunflower seeds,sunflower seed kernel,cumin,fennel seeds,tomato sauce,red jujube,dried chili,chili sauce,edible chili powder,pigment chili powder,salted chili,capsicum oleoresin,capsicum red pigment,capsaicin and other sorts of chili products.