Gansu Yuanfeng Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. Lanzhou, like Dunhuang, another important city on the northwest Silk Road, has a long history and culture. Like the northwest, Lanzhou is the most prosperous central city in the northwest, as well as an industrial base and comprehensive transportation hub. As an international trading company, YuanFeng has a wide range of business. Our goal is to rely on our best team and rich e-commerce resources to provide customers with the most professional and considerate service. At present, our main business is as follows: 1, receiving and wig.2, cosmetics.3, rose essential oil, mask.4, toilet paper, etc. In order to maximize the profit of YuanFeng’s customers, we will recommend products with reasonable price and excellent quality to our customers. You are also welcome to provide the products you want for Yuanfeng. YuanFeng will do its best to provide you with the best quality products. We attach importance to the reputation and experience accumulation in international trade, and pay attention to the needs and feedback of each customer. In order to save customers’ time and energy, we will provide timely response and follow-up during negotiation and cooperation. YuanFeng always adheres to the six advanced and open principles, that is, concentration, professionalism, mutual consultation, sharing, common development and win-win.