Golden Gansu (Hong Kong) Investment Limited is a window company of China main land Gansu Province in Hong Kong. We are also a joint venture set up by Jinchuan Group, a fortune 500 company and Gansu Highway Aviation Tourism Investment Group etc. Gansu province is located in the northwest of China. It stretches for 1600 kilometers. The altitude is mostly above 1000 meters, surrounded by the mountains.
          The terrain is undulating, mountains are continuous and the terrain is complex. There are snow peaks, vast grasslands, seas, forests, lakes, and natural scenery. The unique geographical environment has given birth to the famous fruits,flowers,cows,sheep,vegetables, potatoes,tea and Chinese herbal medicine of the northwestern China.Our responsibility is to play the role of liaison and communication, relying on Hong Kong’s advantages as an international financial and trade center, to promote Gansu’s unique resources to the world, and to recommend and to sale Gansu’s special products to you and your country. At the same time, we hope and welcome capital, technology, special products,talents and advanced ideas from Hong Kong and all over the world to Gansu, combines with Gansu’s resource advantages so that we achieve a win-win situation.