Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co., Ltd, is specialized in production and R&D of UPS, Inverter power supply, EPS fire emergency power supply, stabilizer, LED power supply, solar controller, solar generator system, wind generator system, solar energy, wind energy grid systems so on products, dedicated to offering highly reliable power supply product, solution and system to electric power, commercial, financial and industrial all areas, is a high-tech enterprise with scientific research, production management, and technical service.Since establishment, Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co., Ltd keep researching the electricity environment challenge which met by global top enterprises when they progress into a developing country, especially unbalance developing chance caused by adverse natural condition, also dedicated to solving this problem.Today, Xindun concentrate to solve the challenge problem caused by the environment, cost, and technicist, produce a high applicability UPS system used in a tough environment. In past 10 years, Xindun provides Xindun UPS facility and related electrical equipment, electricity conversion equipment which is widely used in Asia, Africa, Latin America so on about 100 countries and areas, also widely adopted by the financial industry, precision manufacturing, military industry, national defense construction, subway, etc essential department.We insist on people-oriented, technology-oriented, development on innovation, keep pursuing the advanced, reliable, continuous, and practicality of the product, dedicated to providing high quality, high performance, high efficiency, high-reliability power supply products.