Guangzhou Accio Trade Co., Ltd., as one of the top 10 suppliers in sublimation industry of China, is devoted to the R&D, production and service of sublimation products, and has provided the customers from 80+ countries in the world with 6,000+ products in the last 15 years.With strict quality control and flexible service, we have had a long and stable cooperation with a large fulfillment company located in CA. This company connects these famous e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify and eBay. In this way, we have become the source supplier of these platforms as well.To meet all your requirements for sublimation products, we have set up 5 plants in China, including ceramic product plant, coating processing plant, stainless steel product plant, textile plant, and packaging plant; among which the ceramic product plant has floor area of more than 50,000 square meters and 5 intelligent production lines, the packaging plant has floor area of 6,000 square meters and 8 production lines, and the textile plant has floor area of 2,000 square meters, and is capable of producing 1,000+ types of products, including clothes, bags and suitcases, pillow cases, blankets and towels.To further save cost for you, we have established stable partnership with the accessory suppliers of glass, plastic foam, leather, silica gel, bamboo, etc., thus we can save 5%-10% cost for you with equal product quality.We have 300+ staff, 60% of whom are skilled workers with 6-year+ experience, and we have the managers with 30-year+ ceramic production experience, and 40 skilled ceramic craftsmen with experience of more than 10 years. We can produce ceramic products by 200,000 pcs/day, and finish 100,000 sublimation aluminum ornaments within 7 days.We have professional art designers and technical directors to provide unique designs and 3D solutions for products and valuable services will be provided to assist your market exploration.For Accio, service is a channel to seize business opportunities rather than a cost. In case of problems, customer interests are far more important than rules, and our dedicated project specialists will offer solutions within 24h.6 professional foreign sales will provide you with 24/7 online service,Offering quotation within 1h. We are always here waiting for you.