Guangzhou BEAVER Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, BEAVER Cosmetics Limited Company has built up a production base in Guangzhou, China. And our factory has passed authentication approved by Europe GMPC Department. We are responsible for research, development and production of “BEAVER” professional salon and skin care series. With superior product quality, we have won a good reputation and credibility for “BEAVER” brand. Our research and development are supported by Germany Cosmetics BHT Research Center. We have strong technical research and product development ability.In 2006, Asian skin and hair research center was established to research and develop Asian skin and hair characteristics of product formula, continuing to strengthen independence of new technologies, development of new products and applications. With professional technical research and development strength, we continue to explore the field of technology and innovation. Currently, research and development centers can come out more than 100 new formulas every year, including research and development of salon products, cosmetics, skin care products and health care products.Production layout:Our production base covers an area of more than16,000 square meters, with GMPC standard construction of close type factories, rational layout, beautiful environment, warehousing broad, convenient transportation and quick cargo services. All production workshop air purification by ultraviolet disinfection systems has reached micro-bacteria standards level. Water production plant, operated by activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange and reverse osmosis multi-level processing, ensure water is 100% complied with national standards.In 2006, our company introduced a few units of comprehensive industry professional production equipment, which is currently the most advanced in Europe, America and Japan. For testing equipment, metering equipment can ensure different requirements of paste, cream, water, powder products, such as aseptic production and qualified production. We have five production lines, based on customer requirements, available in different regions and unique needs of prescription products, tailored to customers’ various raw materials, such as semi-finished and finishing products.Quality management:Currently our company have been approval by EU and U.S. cosmetics GMPC system certification. Our company uses professional R & D and production control of management process for customers’ product development, design, and orderly completion to provide a better and more comprehensive protection.Marketing advantage:With our long-standing good corporate credibility and reputation, we have established a long-term stable relationship with some well-known large-scale international raw material suppliers, local plastic containers supplier, glass containers suppliers and paper print enterprises.