Biting International Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is a collection of product research and development, production and sales as one of the diversified cosmetics research and innovation company. Guangdong Biting (Qingyuan City) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Biting Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Gongsen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The factory covers an area of nearly 50,000 square meters and has more than 30 domestic and foreign advanced emulsification equipment and automatic filling equipment production lines. The production workshop is constructed according to the standard of international production of drugs in high clean purification workshop (GMPC standard), and has been certified by ISO22716:2007 international quality management system and good production standard of E.U GMPC, ISO22716 cosmetics in the United States, and has been awarded a number of national technical patents. The company has a experienced R & D and production team in market experience, product research and development, technological innovation, packaging design and so on. Nine years of concentration, hard work, Biting International has always adhered to science and technology as the support, quality as the core, fashion as the soul, with craftsmanship to adhere to the original business philosophy, to help domestic national brands to bloom, for Chinese skin care products craftsman intelligent platform laid a solid foundation. Adhering to the professional attitude, dedicated service, difficult to make progress, pioneering and innovative, casting fine products, excellent service, hand in hand with customers, with the industry to share, with a more firm pace to stride forward, in order to achieve “be the leader of the Chinese cosmetics industry, become a highly respected national enterprise” and unremitting struggle, for the “beautiful Chinese Dream” in an all-round way to add bricks and tiles!