1. More than 30-years R&D and production experience.2. 5 production bases of Boke, Bingke, Beike, Bingke Medicine and Sanoem.3. 50,000m2 production bases, 600+ employees, 39 GMPC standard production lines.4. R&D center with 60+ R&D staff, and 32 patents, and 7,000+ high-quality product formulas.5. Provided competitive integrated solutions for 500+ cosmetics brands.6. The First Skin Regeneration Medical Research & Treatment Center of China.7. Our scientific research department is composed of doctors and masters.8. Many world-class testing instruments are introduced from Germany, the USA, Japan, Russia, Sweden, etc.9. We have the modern production workshops meeting SMPC/FDA 100,000-level standard.10. We have the capacity of 20,000,000 pcs/month for facemasks, 20,000,000 pcs/month for skin care products, 100,000 pcs/month for lipsticks, and 10,000,000 bottles/month for shampoo.11. Through years of clinical trials and formula upgrading, Raymond Tang developed smeared stem cell product independently by combining the global cutting-edge “stem cell gene therapy” with “water-soluble silicon” – skin regeneration & repair material in 2018, which has been granted the national patent for invention.12. We have introduced world-class production equipment, including reverse osmosis water purification system, material weighing system, EW automatic filling equipment, Swirl filling machine, lipstick filling machine, full-automatic packing machine, eight-head mask filling machine, full-automatic vacuum homogenizer and a series of high-end facilities.13. We have passed GMPC, ISO 9001 and ISO 2271 certification, and has established the quality management system with the highest standard in China.14. Product accuracy can only be improved on the basis of data research & development. We have introduced top-level skin testing equipment from 6 countries, such as PRIMOSE-LITE 3D wrinkle imaging system of the USA, TIVI-700 skin color microcirculation imaging system of Sweden, dermoscope testing system of Austria, CK multi-function skin testing system of Germany, UC22 ultrasonic skin tester of Germany, CK moisture distribution tester of Germany, and SPF-290CS SPF tester of Japan, which enable the testing of 338 skin parameters and 558 body parameters.15. Creative packaging will stir up the desires of customers. Our Company has its own creative packaging team to provide novel creative design and practical services for skin care products and makeup. We are also in cooperation with the top suppliers in packaging industry to provide customers with unique packaging solutions.16. Our Company has its own high-cleanliness laboratory and stem cell independent management system to realize room-temperature storage of its stem cell products for about 3 years, with product activity maintained above 90%, so the product effect is far beyond the enterprise with similar technology ranking top in Japan.