Our company is an enterprise focused on researching, developing, producing and selling DIY manual products. We are in the pursuit of products with artistic value, and in the mean time we have a lot of fun. Products are related to construction, painting, paper, clothes, folk arts and crafts, including a wealth of scientific knowledge and world cultures. Our products also have strong decorative features. The spirit of our company is “people-oriented, improving the ability of our employees, and increasing the efficiency of the initiative as a long-lasting target”. Respect, caring, understanding and love are the keynotes of “people-oriented”. Firmly believe that “people-oriented” can make the enterprise bigger and stronger. “Harmonious developments, together win-win situation, and persist in using the products and services to impress every client” is our company’s management philosophy. We believe “nice” is the eternal pursuit of human beings. We insist on producing first-class products and providing first-class services in order to meet consumers’ demands.