Proxima HVAC Technology was born in Nansha district of Guangzhou. With the founder who has decades of experience in HVAC manufacturing, designing, exporting and marketing, Proxima HVAC Technology is expected to be a trader, a manufacturer, a designer, a solution provider, an exporter and a partner and supplier. Proxima HVAC Technology is a rapidly growing company. It cooperates with top 3 HVAC manufacturers and leading home appliances manufacturers in China currently. It commits to providing the best air conditioning and sanitary hot water solution.We always keep up with the changes of the industry, but our principle of always representing the interests of our customers remains unchanged.We believe in combination of humanizing-technology and rigorous and flexible business model, which means we provide customized solutions based on our deep understanding of each specific client and market.We provide commercial air conditioning systems including light commercial air conditioning, VRF system, chillers, fan coil units, air to water heat pumps covering air heating, air cooling, air purification, sanitary hot water. And also we can provide residential air conditioning and residential heat pump water heaters. We are an integrated HVAC equipments, solutions, and all kinds of household appliances provider.At a time of global change, it’s clear that clean air, water, and energy are integral to life and that these can and should be made accessible to everyone, in its purest form and on a sustainable basis. Ultimately its important that we are all able to access to a better quality life, which not only means better health but also efficiency/convenience but without compromising.We break away from conventions, constantly explore and invent to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers and consumers.Proxima Business System has strategy, talent building, and daily operation at its core. The management methods it has enable us to boost the efficiency of the entire value chain.Proxima Business System is a unique business method, exclusive to Proxima Technology, which helps us cut costs, and satisfy our clients’ requirements all over the world by providing truly valuable one-stop solution to them.Proxima HVAC insists on quality and innovation, combining the products with requirements of every market, contributing to the long-term strategic relationships with players in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa.